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The Temple of Poseidon Sunset Tour involves exploring the temple that is housed within a fort that guards Attica's coastline and is located at the southernmost point of the Sounio Peninsula. It was constructed in the middle of the 5th century BC in honor of Poseidon, the sea god, and is entirely made of white marble. The shades of blues, reds, and oranges that envelop the temple as the sun sinks into the water will mesmerize you. One of many who succumbed to its charm was the British poet Lord Byron, who wrote poetry in praise of it and had his name inscribed on one of its recognisable marble pillars.

To get to the historic site of Temple of Poseidon Sunset Tour, take the roads along the southern Attica coastline. Discover the temple's ruins and enjoy expansive views of the Aegean before witnessing a stunning sunset. Enjoy a relaxing 50-minute trip in an air-conditioned minivan along Attica's coastal roads as you take in the picture-perfect beaches and sleepy towns as you pass. After arriving at Cape Sounion, proceed to the old Poseidon temple, which is devoted to the Greek deity of the sea, and have a tour of this important historical site. Before taking some time to unwind and enjoy the expansive views of the Aegean, discover the folklore associated with the temple.

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Yes, you can schedule a Temple of Poseidon Sunset tour in advance online. By booking in advance, you can purchase tickets while relaxing in your home or hotel room. This guarantees availability and makes it easier for you to browse through several combo packages and select the one with the best deal. One of the biggest benefits of booking online is that you may schedule your trip in advance and avoid the lengthy lines.

With the Temple of Poseidon Sunset tour discover the history hidden behind each curve as you travel the Athens Riviera with a guide. On Cape Sounion, watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea and visit the Poseidon Temple. From the Halandri Metro station in Athens, take a bus to Cape Sounion to arrive in time for the captivating sunset.

Highlights For Temple Of Poseidon Sunset Tour

Highlights For Temple Of Poseidon Sunset Tour
  • Visit the magnificent Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion in the evening and take in the Aegean Sea sunset.
  • From the Halandri Metro station in Athens, take a bus to Cape Sounion to arrive in time for the captivating sunset.
  • Your archaeologist guide will teach you about Sounion's recent history and current situation.
  • Discover the Athens Riviera while getting a taste of everyday life there.
  • Visit the Poseidon Temple that rises from Cape Sounion's edge.
  • View the breathtaking sweeping panorama from Sounion's southeast peak.
  • Experience the stunning Aegean Sea sunset.
  • Check out the great authors' signatures that they left behind on the temple's marble, including the Romantic poet Lord Byron.
  • Make time to visit Lake Vouliagmeni, a special natural gem on the Athenian Riviera.

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